Live, Work & Play - Choose the Scenic Route campaign
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Live Work & Play

There are a number of services available in the Northern Midlands municipality for children, youth and families. The Northern Midlands Council values the contributions that our communities make to the development and growth of our municipality.

Health Services

Everyone can lead happy and healthy lives in the Northern Midlands supported by a variety of community health services, including medical centres, community nursing servcies, aged care, child health, oral health, special needs care, supported accommodation and councelling and support services.

Public Transport

Tassielink Transit: provide comfortable, hassle-free and affordable bus services to people of all ages.

Timetables for Evandale, Perth, Longford, Cressy can be found below.

Community Living

Imagine this: a safe and friendly place to live, work and play. The Scenic Route delivers opportunities to immerse yourself within the community. Choose from sports, arts and culture, volunteering, engage with local organisations, clubs, and groups. There are thousands of connections to make within your local neighbourhood.


Our Towns and Villages

Accommodating a diverse population, the Northern Midlands offfers a range of options for you to choose from including historic villages to modern communities, all equiped with a range of faciities and activities to suit your needs and lifestlye.

Building and Renovating

Your new home in the Northern Midlands is waiting for you. With a range of housing options available to you, we can support you through the planning and building process.

What are you waiting for? Find out about your choices and what you can do at your new home.